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voodoo razer mouse on ebay

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Re: voodoo razer mouse on ebay

Post  East on Wed Nov 21, 2012 7:47 am

If a cheap keyboard with a good tactical feel is what your after maybe its time to dig out the model m and give it a try, It is free. The only thing the new model ms that unicorp sells have on it is they are usb.

I find the keys a bit stiff for gaming. Who knows though you might like it. its a matter of preference.

I just got a razer black widow mechanical. One of my friends keeps bugging me open it and give her my thoughts on it because she wants to get the same kb so I guess i will be doing that sooner then later.

this logitech g510 is alright but like all logitech products the finish is already rubbing off of it. You know its shit quality when the white logitech logo rubs right off my g9 mouse... Now there is shiny unrubberized coated plastic where the logo use to be. Its kinda like a ghost logo.

Just going on my razer tarantula I can tell you the keys feel really flat. Different then any other keyboard I have used. Razer markets the lack of step between rows as a good thing so that your fingers don't get stuck. Personally I find it annoying as its hard to tell what keys your fingers are on.

All in all for gaming I would probably go with another logitech keyboard. I will check this blackwidow out and get back to you though. Where you guys so privlaged as to read my mouse sensor rant? I guess it comes down to preference but imo you want an avago sensor in your mouse. I have never owned one but there are a lot of people who claim the philips twin eye is crap. The avago is extremely accurate. to the point I have a hard time sniping with it sometimes. And thats just a g9. I hate to think what this tactx g9x is going to be like on its highest setting.

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Re: voodoo razer mouse on ebay

Post  mrblur on Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:08 pm

I use a keytronic keyboard lifetime series for when I'm doing marathon gaming. I tried using the voodoo razer keyboard for gaming, but the keys were to mushy for me. Currently using the voodoo razer with a razer destructor mousepad good combo for gaming(silky smooth)., and you can pick up a razer deathadder on ebay for a good price.

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Re: voodoo razer mouse on ebay

Post  Iago on Thu Nov 22, 2012 3:13 am

Yes, definitely no mushy keys. I do not want them TOO firm, either, but with a nice solid click when pressed. Not so much interested in eBaying for stuff as I am in just ordering the stuff directly.

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Re: voodoo razer mouse on ebay

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