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Hard drive swaps in the Alienware

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Hard drive swaps in the Alienware

Post  ADOR on Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:36 pm

Last night while the youngest boy was playing mine craft the 80 gb 7200 rpm hard drive in the Alienware Aurora 7500 in Predator 2 chassis bit the dust. I didn't have a spare 2.5" sata drive and the bigger 2.5" SSD and Hard drive I have on hand has a appointment with a toughbook I have been working on. That left a X25 intel 40gb ssd left to stick in there. I got it loaded up with windows 7, drivers, everything seems to be working good. But now I have hit a snag. The motherboard is suppose to be a nforce 570 sli according to the program speccy. The numbers on the motherboard says it as 590 nforce sli. The pictures of the 570 motherboard don't look like mine, the 590 pictures do. So I would say I have a 590. Today I put a 2 TB western digital 3.5 drive in there out of my external drive I got a couple of months back, put a few files on it but didn't do much else with it. It works fine with the SSD alone, but when I first plugged in the 2 TB drive in it internally it reconized the drive, installed drivers and I could access the drive. It then a few minutes later froze. Now when I plug it in the data side of the sata the OS freezes. It also takes longer to boot past the alienware head logo, then windows 7 freezes at the splash screen. Any idea of where I may have screwed up? I am use to sata being plug and play.

On the plus side before I must of had a few drivers wrong as even with the 1gb 250 gts pny card minecraft always had some problems. It works fine now for the kids.

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Re: Hard drive swaps in the Alienware

Post  East on Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:03 am

Sounds like a bad hdd more then a compatibility issue. Have you tried the drive with another pc since the issue with it started?

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