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Group updates March 2018 edition

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Group updates March 2018 edition

Post  ADOR on Wed Mar 14, 2018 4:55 pm

What's everyone been up too?

I am fighting the wifes 2008 mini cooper putting a new engine into it. Had to re do water lines under the house today, and soon after I eat back to the shed.

On the computer side I haven't built anything new. Maybe here by the end of the year. No new cases or laptops. Got a plan to take one of the Aopen/idol cases, paint it, then put it over a newer i5 aopen bottom.

On the car projects the 52 is to the point it's waiting on tires, new glass/gaskets and updating the cpu. Right now it still has the analog holley computer. It's going to get a megasquirt and a 94/95 obd1 chevy pcm reflashed for it. I have the cable and working the software to do it. Just got to have the time to learn the programing.

On the 99 camaro it's getting the 350 I have in the shed installed or if I can finally find a Ls1/2/4/6 intake manifold and F body oil pan It will get a cheap LS engine. Truck intake is too tall with out butchering the firewall. The truck oil pan will hang down about 3 inches from the cross memeber. I got a Th350/700r4 and a T5 to put behind it.

On the boys 93 camaro getting a tune done for the 383 lt1 in it. have the t56 already, he has got to save up more so he can get it swapped in.

Wound up keeping the 55 chevy, got the no title problem solved.

Been rounding up and selling off some stuff I looks like I won't get to use. The mach 1 will be sold here shortly. Putting that money back into other projects.

Been looking for a cheap tow behind camper, the search is still on.

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Re: Group updates March 2018 edition

Post  Rozzinator on Thu Mar 15, 2018 12:25 am

Hey great idea for a thread! I haven't popped by in a while and almost forgot the forum name - and then my login - doh!

I've been riding motorcycles since 2012 i got my first bike, now I'm on a Triumph street triple.

I worked as marketing and graphics for a motorcycle dealer for 7 years, but now I am a fulltime artist, doing commerical work for businesses mostly!

Also really into saltwater aquariums, hubby and i have a 300 gal mixed reef!

Computer wise I'm on a Mac desktop and us a mac laptop too


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Re: Group updates March 2018 edition

Post  zxj001 on Sat Mar 24, 2018 9:08 pm

Going to start fixing up the HP Blackbird's slimline dvd caddies to support SATA. Other than that, I finally fit a new 240mm radiator in the top. If anyone's wondering how to take off the radiator's plastic housing the answer is you don't. Even though there are screws holding it in place, there's also adhesive. To access the radiator you need to take off the aluminum grill on top, which requires disassembling the case using the Allen key.

I know the blackbird's not a true Voodoo but damn is it still an awesome functional case.

Also, if anyone's got an Voodoo Envy 133 they don't want I'm looking for one! Haven't found one off of ebay in a while. Don't care about functionality but the physical condition should be good.


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Re: Group updates March 2018 edition

Post  Jegersnutse on Sun Apr 08, 2018 9:07 am

Wow, rather surprised to see this forum still alive, after getting a random email last week!

I spent the last four years in college over in the US, but just recently moved back home to Norway to start a business.

The old Voodoo case I acquired back in 2010(I believe) is still running strong with the Intel 2500K and GTX570, but the 4 gigs of ram has been struggling recently with me getting in to photography and editing.

Other than that I've just wiped the dust of all the other Voodoo stuff I have, and debating selling it all including the two 133s, keyboard, deathadder mouse, red M172 and the white case I gave up on restoring long ago. So if anyone's interested shoot me a pm.


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Re: Group updates March 2018 edition

Post  Iago on Mon May 28, 2018 2:53 am

Still have my Nitrous blue 2017 Focus RS -- and with Ford discontinuing car sales, I am even more glad that I shelled out the money for it. Had a friend over yesterday and we watched three movies in my home theatre, taking a break in the middle to go out and hoon in the thing for 45 minutes. Otherwise, still sporting my same old laptop, but with twin 980m chips in it, it still handles most any game that I can throw at it at highest or nearly highest settings (in 1080p, of course; if I had a 4K monitor it would be a different story.) You can never really future proof, but sometimes when you max out all the available hardware at the time that you purchase a computer, it can hold its own safely for a few years.

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Re: Group updates March 2018 edition

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